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Licensed Skydivers

Come fly with us!

GoJump Dead Sea & Masada is one of the most unique Dropzones on earth!

We're Located in Bar-Yehuda airfield, -1'300ft below sea level! The lowest airfield and drop zone in the world!

Jump above the earth, falling into Mars :)

Who is eligible to jump?

Current A license holders and above!

Must have personal gear. We have some rental rigs - 240-190 sqf.

What do I need to bring?

- Personal Rig (Must be TSO'd)

- AAD is mandatory!

- Full skydiving suit is mandatory!

- Helmet is mandatory!

- Altimeter / Auditable / Goggles / shoes... you know..

Paper work:

All paper work must to be taken care of before your arrival.
We will not process, handle or register new  jumpers on site. all jumpers must fill out Waiver and Registration form at least 48h prior their arrival. make sure you get confirmation from our side to your application.

Before you fill out the form, prepere the following information. You will need to upload copies at the end for the registration form.

- Skydiving License

- Passport

- Medical insurance for at lease 50,000 USD.

- Last page of logbook

Without all of the above, we will not process your form. you can also send the attachments via email:

When can I come?

Usually we open all year round on Friday and Saturday, 08:30 AM to sunset.

Some weeks also Thursday. During Passover holiday and Sukkot holiday most of the week.


Solo Jump ticket for 11'000ft - 240 ILS

5 Pack - 1,100 ILS

15 Pack - 2,850 ILS

30 Pack - 5,250 ILS

60 Pack - 9,500 ILS

120 Pack  - 16,800 ILS

Each package valid for specific period. 

Familiarity with the DZ

Dear jumper, before arriving at the DZ it is important to familiarize yourself with the landing area and landing patterns.


Please find explanatory document with screenshots as well as instructional videos regarding the landing patterns of our DZ. Thank you GoJump Team



For any other questions please feel free to contact us via email:

We will reply ASAP.

Please refrain from reaching or call the office by phone or Whatsapp.

Phone and Whatsapp services usually only handle tandem bookings and will not have the answers you're looking for. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


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